The Official Democracy Manifest Wine Is Now On Sale

Borne from a legendary-tier meme depicting the dramatic and wrongful arrest of Jack Kerson – whose only crime was enjoying a meal, a succulent Chinese meal – the world can now wash down the sheer injustice with an official Democracy Manifest wine.

Dubbed “Get Your Hands Off My Pinot”, this fine drop is available to purchase at a very reasonable price point of just $30. According to the site description, here’s what you can expect:

This succulent Victorian Pinot is made with freshness as the main focus, bright red fruits that know their Judo well. Fine tannins that put the wine in a gentle headlock with a long finish.

As we now know, the very reason for this bizarre moment in Australian history comes down to a classic case of mistaken identity. Kerson was believed to be a Hungarian chessmaster who had a reputation for dining-and-dashing. Kerson, of course, bore quite the striking similarity to said chessmaster. Hilarity ensued.

Fast forward a few decades and old mate is now in much greater spirits about the entire ordeal. Even leveraging his online fame to build a lifestyle brand – case in point. As you may soon find, wine is just one of many ways to buy into the hype.

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