Why House Of Arras Is The Only Sparkling Wine You’ll Need This Christmas
— Updated on 29 January 2023

Why House Of Arras Is The Only Sparkling Wine You’ll Need This Christmas

— Updated on 29 January 2023
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In the world of sparkling wine, the Champagne region of France reigns supreme in quality – or so it is thought.

That presumption is a mixture of both fact and subjectivity. To believe that wine made only in one particular part of the world is the be all and end all would be naive. How so?

Because you’d be forgetting about Tasmania.

Enter Ed Carr, Chief Sparkling Winemaker at Tasmania’s House of Arras. Ed’s quest from the get go was to craft something equal to the world’s best. His mission, which started in 1988, has since become a worldwide success with House of Arras now openly respected as on par with its French cousins in the opposite corner of the globe.

Ed’s success must be attributed to a single, intangible ingredient – Tasmania. The cool, maritime climate of the South Pacific island can create a purity akin only to the ancient soils the vines are grown on. Perhaps this is why House of Arras is the underdog anomaly in the world of sparkling wine.

With complexity and depth beyond anything that could be imagined so far away from Champagne, Ed’s wines rival the originals while offering a uniquely Australian twist.

During a season of endless festivities with copious amounts of excuses to open a bottle of pretty much anything, House of Arras should be your top priority for those looking to enjoy quality with class. For the man who’s got everything, you can rest assured a bottle of Arras will be an invaluable addition to any wine cellar or dinner table this holiday season.

Brut Elite No. 1301

Vintage: NV

RRP: $50.00

A rich and complex style exhibiting a plush palate feel driven by the predominant red fruit components. Light to medium straw in colour with a fine and persistent bead. The aroma exhibits nuances of gunflint, white stone fruit, Jasmine flower, sea spray and nougat, preceding subtle flavours of lychee, truffle, brown lime and malt.

Arras Rose Sparkling

Vintage: 2006

RRP: $86.00

Moderate salmon pink in colour with a hint of crimson and a lively and persistent fine bead. The 2006 Rosé displays enticing aromas of lifted fresh red berry fruits complemented by oyster, sautéed mushroom and lanolin. A low dosage style with structural elegance built around fine tannins and acid backbone which is seamless and persistent. A sophisticated Rosé of alluring complexity and vibrant character.

Arras Blanc de Blanc

Vintage: 2008

RRP: $86.00

Medium straw in colour with bright gold lustre, and fine persistent bead. The bouquet expresses lifted aromas of seaspray, jasmine flower, grapefruit & mushroom. The palate is complex and enticing with hints truffle, oyster, exotic spice and honeycomb. This wine has exquisite poise and balance of dosage, acidity and natural tannin.

Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged

Vintage: 2003

RRP: $189.00

A true prestige cuvée based on attributes of pristine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the finest Tasmanian vineyards. An enticing fine and persistent bead, this wine is medium deep straw in colour with a fresh gold hue. The bouquet displays lifted nuances of brown lime, butter biscuit and oyster whilst the palate reveals a complex flavour profile, exhibiting characters of honey, nougat, sourdough toast and truffle.

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