Post Malone & Jägermeister Are Giving Back To The After-Hours Economy


It’s no secret that nightlife and hospitality industries around the world have been hit exceptionally hard over the past two years, wrecked by the seismic shift of the ongoing global pandemic and resulting start-stop restrictions. And while the impact has been swift and brutal for the after-hours economy, it’s refreshing to see brands like Jägermeister – one that’s long been inseparable from the nightlife scene – boil up an inventive way to help soften the blows and help switch the lights on for those closed venues, dark stages, and empty bars.

The ‘Save the Night’ campaign is driven by Post Malone and a new, theatrical limited-edition bottling of the quintessential herbal liquor that serves as a metaphor for the campaign’s goal.

That goal would be to bring life back to nightlife while simultaneously reminding drinkers of the German liquor’s indelible role in helping fuel those springy after-hour sessions that we all pine for. The uniquely designed bottle has been fashioned as a story, appearing completely dark to represent the current state of shutdown that has plagued the nightlife world.

Given Jägermeister is at its best when it’s ice-cold, the bottle starts to change once it reaches the ideal drinking temperature of -18 degrees inside the freezer.

Pop it in and once optimally iced, the design of the bottle – which has a gilded #SAVETHENIGHT logo printed on the front – starts changing and self-illustrating, with all the core Jägermeister elements slowly lighting up to represent a return to form for the global nightlife economy.

It’s not every day you see a bottle of liquor backed by such a distinctive thermochromic effect, reiterating the social meaning of the night. Nor is it every day that investing in such an essential backbar liquor will do more than just butter you up for a night out. For each Jägermeister ‘Save the Night’ bottle sold, parts of the proceeds go directly to the newly created Meister Fund. This acts as a financial support system for the benefit of various projects and inventive ideas of artists and creatives from around the world who are a part of the Meister network.

So far, the campaign has been able to provide financial support to more than 1,500 artists, creatives, and bartenders across 60 countries. Of course, that has a direct impact on the type of after-hours activities we all could use right now, whether that’s keeping your favourite bar afloat, or helping throw events.

Case in point: the campaign has one in Sydney coming up, ramping up in February with a large double headline event led by Big Twisty and Yolanda Be Cool.

More details about the Sydney party will be released closer to the date, but for now, you can help give back to the nightlife that so sorely needs it by picking up a 700ml Jägermeister ‘Save the Night’ bottle exclusively via Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores across Australia.