Melbourne Beer Run: Boozy Marathon Confirms 2022 Route

Melbourne Beer Run

Fitness and beer may seem like a gross mismatch when taken on at the same time, but that’s exactly what the Melbourne Beer Run is built upon. The popular event sold out incredibly fast last year, pushing organisers to bring it back for 2022 with yet another route planned taking runners across some of Melbourne’s best breweries. Details have just been announced for the Melbourne 2022 edition of the 5km Beer Run, which will take place on Sunday, July 24th with a running trail that includes Mountain Goat Beer, Stomping Ground Brewery, and more.

Hitting the ground running for 2-3 hours, the Melbourne Beer Run will stop at five different breweries with a pace that works out to just one stop per km. The idea is that you’ll have to run pretty hard between those hard-earned Denzel Frothingtons. Thankfully, motivation won’t be hard to find given how sought-after these breweries usually are.

The five Melbourne breweries that make up the Melbourne beer run are pretty much identical to last year’s route. They are:

  • Burnley Brewing (first stop and meeting point)
  • Mountain Goat Beer
  • Moon Dog OG
  • Stomping Ground Brewery
  • Bodriggy Brewing Company

Burnley Brewing, located on Bridge Street in Richmond, was the last stop for the 2021 Melbourne Beer Run, so it looks like the route has just been reversed for this year. You’ll meet at Burnley to kick off the beer run and reward all that hard work with what will be no doubt some of the most innovative brews of the year. 

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If previous years are anything to go by, Melbourne Beer Run will be led by several “running leaders” who will guide runners along the route and make sure no one gets too sloshed and lost during the duration. Which, to be fair, should be incredibly easy by stop number three – which is conveniently one of the most exciting on the route, considering Moon Dog regularly pumps out some of the most exciting and unique beers in the city.

The last stop, Bodriggy, will be a bit of a scene as well. The Beer Run organisers like to celebrate another route with a nice little afterparty, so make sure you’ve factored that into your day.

Participating in the Melbourne Beer Run will set you back $55 per person. Tickets include one beer in each of the five breweries, per person, as well as a specially-designed official Beer Run bib number and a novelty Beer Run bottle opener medal for those who finish the sloshed sprint.

Needless to say, you’ll want to be across the best sneaker releases of the year if you’re going to lace up for the beer run.

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