Penfolds Release Two Investment-Grade Magnums In Record Player Console

Penfolds Record Player 1

It’s been 70 years since the first Penfolds Grange was bottled and the world-renowned winery is celebrating with a delight to the ears as well as the palate. Penfolds is releasing a record player console handcrafted by the New York-based audiophiles at Symbol Audio for the Grange enthusiasts out there.

The design of the all-in-one console is taken straight out of the 1950s, using American Black Walnut panelling shaped by a single craftsman over more than 100 hours. The 1950s were also the decade that legendary Penfolds winemaker Max Schubert blended the first bottle of Grange, after touring Europe at the very beginning of the decade.

The console comes complete with an inlaid interior, glasses from Reidel, bar accessories from Chateau Laguiole, as well as a hand-blow decanter by leading Australian glass artist Nick Mount. That’s all before you get to the bottles in the hidden wine drawer.

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Inside the drawer, you’ll find two “White Capsule” Grange magnums, one from 2010 vintage and the other a yet-unreleased 2017 bottle. Don’t rush for the bottle opener just yet, though. Both of these investment-grade magnums have an ideal drinking window between 2030 and 2060, meaning you could enjoy either bottle on the centenary of the very first Grange in 2051.

Of course, we can’t forget the audio component of this special console, which features a Penfolds branded turntable, a hand-built vacuum tube amplifier, and a pair of full-range Alnico drivers. The system isn’t exactly stuck in the 50s when it comes to the full suite of wireless streaming options, including Bluetooth and Chromecast audio.

There will only be seven Penfolds record player consoles produced, each a fitting tribute to the father of Penfolds Grange in Max Schubert. Experimenting with a blend of predominantly Shiraz grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon, Schubert wanted to challenge the best of Bordeaux and in the process, Australia’s most collectible wine was born.

No word yet on pricing from the Barossa-based winemaker, however, you can make an expression of interest for allocation at the Penfolds site below.

Penfolds record player
Penfolds record player
Penfolds record player2