The Ballot Is Now Open For Starward Whisky’s Rarest Release Yet

The Ballot Is Now Open For Starward Whisky’s Rarest Release Yet

Garry Lu
Garry Lu


Until the day we perfect multiversal travel, there’s simply no telling what could’ve been in alternate branches of history. That is with the rare exception of the Bourbon Cask #2 from Starward Whisky.

Once upon a time, long before Starward became the beloved household name it is today, founder David Vitale was faced with a crucial fork in the road — opt for the proven method of importing ex-bourbon barrels to showcase the signature spirit he worked so hard to craft; or “bet the farm” on red (wine barrels), thereby creating a uniquely Australian whisky for Melbourne’s climate to mature to fruition. 

As we all know by now, Mr Vitale locked in the latter, and Starward has only gone from strength to strength in the last 15 years. But like a torrid love affair on the Titanic, despite the years that have flown by and the ostensibly happy marriage since, one cannot help wondering about this “sliding door moment.” What if?

That’s why, in 2018, the first Starward Bourbon Cask was released (and to much critical acclaim); and that’s also why in 2024, Starward Bourbon Cask #2 is set to be one of the homegrown distiller’s most highly-anticipated bottlings to date. 

Matured for five “Melbourne years,” imparting notes of vanilla and honey from the charred American Oak casks — while also allowing the tropical grilled pineapple characteristics of the Starward spirit to flourish — this light-bodied 52% ABV single malt is making an extremely limited return.

The only other catch? Given the insane demand, you’ll have to enter a ballot for the distinct privilege of purchasing a coveted 700ml bottle of the good stuff.

Hit the link below for your chance to taste history (or rather, alternative history), along with a delectable palate of dried banana, honey, and lemon curd with a long finish of buttered toast and toasted oak.

And fair warning: in light of the eight platinum medals, 13 double gold medals, and 13 gold medals Starward Whisky recently collected after blitzing this year’s 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the elbows will be out (and bloody sharp). So act accordingly.

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