Tesla Officially Drops US$250 Bottles Of Tequila

Two years ago – almost to the day – Elon Musk decided to turn what we’d all assumed was an April Fools’ joke into a reality by filing a trademark application for ‘Teslaquila’: a Tesla branded tequila. Today, it’s something you can actually buy for US$250.

Nobody should be surprised. Especially given the fact that old mate Elon has taken full advantage of using his brand and money for other elaborate tongue-in-cheek moments in the past, i.e. not-a-flamethrower flamethrowers, ‘Eat My Short’ shorts, farting Tesla cars, and of course, the infamous $420 “funding secured” fiasco.

“Introducing Tesla Tequila,” reads the official site description. “An exclusive, small-batch premium 100% de agave tequila anejo made from sustainable sourced highland and lowland agave.”

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Aged for a total of 15 months in French oak barrels before trickling into striking hand-blown + lightening-shaped glass bottles, this Tesla Tequila / Teslaquila features dry fruit and light vanilla notes with a “balanced cinnamon pepper finish”. 40% ABV. 750ml. And apparently, best enjoyed through sips. But we’re more of a shot bunch, aren’t we?

Unfortunately, Elon’s party liquid isn’t currently available for purchase anywhere outside of the US. By the sounds of the current socio-political landscape, it sounds like they’ll need it the most out of anyone right now. We’ll keep you updated when it goes international.