The Glenlivet Just Dropped An Edible ‘Capsule Collection’ Of Cocktails

The Glenlivet at London Cocktail Week has produced the possible future of cocktails, minus the need for a glass, ice, shaker or stirrer.  

In partnership with cocktail king Alex Kratena, The Glenlivet unveiled their limited-edition ‘Capsule Collection’, a range of whisky cocktails served in a seaweed-extract casing, one of nature’s most renewable resources. 

A first of its kind for any spirit brand, the edible capsules, designed by sustainable packaging start-up Notpla, are 23ml in size and are popped in the mouth for an “instant burst of flavour”, before being swallowed to biodegrade in the stomach. 

Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, co-owners of London’s Tayēr + Elementary, created three original cocktails for the capsules, which are inspired by the elements and flavours of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve: Citrus, Wood and Spice.

If you’re in London, The Glenlivet ‘Capsule Collection’ is available at Tayēr + Elementary on Old Street and served as an amuse-bouche on arrival throughout this year’s London Cocktail Week until October 13.

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