WIN: This Ultra-Rare Bottle Of Van Winkle Rye Whiskey
— Updated on 12 August 2021

WIN: This Ultra-Rare Bottle Of Van Winkle Rye Whiskey

— Updated on 12 August 2021
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

This is a giveaway like no other. Despite boasting an RRP of $1,500 per bottle, you’d be lucky to ever find a bottle of Van Winkle Family Reserve available for its recommended price. That goes for any bottle of Old Rip or Pappy Van Winkle, actually.

Van Winkle Rye Whiskey is arguably the most sought-after whiskey in the world.

“This 13-year breaks the mould, as it is one of the oldest rye whiskeys available today. The maturity it has achieved while ageing is quite obvious when you take the first sip.”

Weighted words from the undisputed independent reviewer of spirits in North America, Paul Pacult.

Hailing from the world’s most awarded distillery, Kentucky’s iconic Buffalo Trace Distillery – the home of critically acclaimed brands like Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old and Sazerac Rye – Van Winkle and its storied history shares the same four walls of all of these famous whiskies.

One could argue that Van Winkle has unlocked a cult-like status even more so in recent years. Although bourbon has become increasingly popular worldwide since the turn of the century, very little Van Winkle is sold outside of the US market, making Australia’s allocation (if ever) that extra bit rare.

The good news is that the Van Winkle Family Reserve is coming back to Australia, after an eight-year hiatus, to mark what Buffalo Trace Distillery is calling ‘Rye July’. To celebrate, we’re giving away a bottle of the Van Winkle Family Reserve 13-Year-Old.

Boasting a soft nose of chestnuts and spice with flavours of cocoa, white pepper and vanilla, the family reserve is said to make even the most novice of bourbon drinkers never look back from aged whiskey again. The long, warm and complex caramel finish must be tasted to be believed.

Entry is simple. Just submit your name, email address and Instagram handle in the form below to gain one valid entry. You must then follow @buffalotraceau on Instagram for your entry to be valid. Entries close at 11:59 PM next Tuesday, August 10th. Good luck.

Update: We have a winner, congrats to Hugo W (@hugow…) – we’ve hit you up on Instagram. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for our next competition!

“We make Fine Bourbon. At a profit, if we can, at a loss if we must, but always fine Bourbon”

– Julian Van Winkle.

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