Artisanal Australian Chocolate Brands You Need To Know
— Updated on 17 June 2021

Artisanal Australian Chocolate Brands You Need To Know

— Updated on 17 June 2021
James Want
James Want

As a gift, chocolate covers an abundance of bases, in terms of both recipient and occasion. From Grandma’s 90th birthday to Mother’s or Father’s Day, to another day in the dog house with the missus, or just because you deserve it, the power of a finely crafted Cocoa-based treat mustn’t go underappreciated. 

In Australia, we’re presented with countless quality options from the likes of Just William, or Kakawa chocolate in Sydney or Haigh’s chocolate from Adelaide but sometimes only the very best will do. If it’s world-class, ethically sourced, handmade, artisanal Australian chocolate brands you require to not only blow your giftees mind but establish yourself as a true connoisseur of cocoa, check out our list below. 

The Smooth Chocolator

At the 2018 International Chocolate Awards, The Smooth Chocolator put Australia on the map, earning multiple awards across its range in the International competition and Gold in the APAC comp. The Geelong based small batch bean-to-bar operation aims to extract and enhance each region’s beans natural characters through a painstakingly precise process. Prices from $12.50

Sweat Pea & Poppy

The aesthetic at Sweet Pea & Poppy is overtly feminine, but that shouldn’t detract from the product inside, also earning awards at the APAC International Chocolate Awards in 2018. The company specialises in creating bars adorned in scrummy pieces and also offers a great selection of hampers for various gifting occassions. Prices from $15.00 


Metiisto started life in 2012 in Falun, Sweden but moved operations to Toowoomba, QLD in 2018. The company holds a host of International awards and focuses on sourcing cocoa from countries in the Pacific Region such as the Solomon Islands, after which every bean is inspected to ensure only the best make the cut. Prices from $11.00

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Monsieur Truffe

From humble beginnings at Prahran Market, Monsieur Truffe has cemented itself as one of the best Australian chocolate brands. Boasting organic ingredients, a fastidious approach to creation and environmentally-friendly packaging wrapped by hand, Monsieur Truffe is well worth a taste. Prices from $12.95

Jasper + Myrtle

Also making a name for itself on the world stage, Jasper + Myrtle takes carefully sourced cocoa beans from Peru and Papua New Guinea and roasts them to perfection in Canberra. The beans are then blended with unique flavours to create delicious and distinctive bars. Prices from $9.50

Hunted + Gathered

At the 2018 Australian Food Awards, Hunted + Gathered dominated multiple categories with their chocolate bars that have no more than five ingredients – most with just three. Their philosophy is that the simplest things are best and usually taste the best too, placing an emphasis on small details to create things they can be proud of. Prices from $7.50

Ms Peacock

Another standout from the Australian Food Awards was Lisa Morley of Ms Peacock. Channelling the chocoholic in all of us, Morley creates chocolate products to romance and seduce, from bite-sized bars to decedent brittles and caramels. She’ll even send your gift as a mystery and include three clues for the receiver to guess who sent it. Prices from $4.50

Feature Image: Ms Peacock

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