Canberra Voted The World’s Best City For Quality Sleep
— 23 September 2021

Canberra Voted The World’s Best City For Quality Sleep

— 23 September 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it at least a thousand times again: some punchlines just write themselves. In a comprehensive analysis of 36 global cities undertaken by the UK’s Lenstore, Canberra was found to be the world’s best city for sleep. And that’s before we consider the fact there’s sweet fuck all to do (except maybe hit up Mooseheads in pre-COVID times).

The methodology involved comparing the following factors:

  • Average temperature
  • Humidity levels 
  • Night light & noise issues
  • Light pollution
  • Air quality
  • % of people with depression
  • % of employees working over 48 hour weeks
  • Online search volume for “sleeping pills”

“Known for its warm temperatures, Canberra, Australia takes the top spot in this analysis as the best city for a good night’s sleep. The Aussie capital ranks best of all locations for its lowest amount of night lights and noise pollution, which has a score of 80.82/100,” explains the rationale.

“This is over double compared to the likes of Mexico City with a score of just 35.65/100. The air quality in Canberra is also the 3rd best in the world, second only to Wellington, New Zealand, and Bern in Switzerland.”

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The ACT is followed closely by Austria’s Vienna, which ranked in the Top 10 locations for its low noise levels, 7th highest for its overall air quality”; and Luxembourg, where only 7.6% of residents apparently work more than 48 hours in any given week, allowing them to switch off and get a good rest. Both locations are renowned for its serenity.

The only real outlier in this list is the hustlin’ & bustlin’ technosphere of Tokyo, Japan. You’d imagine a city that’s so alive with neon lighting wouldn’t exactly be conducive to nocturnal rest, but apparently it has one of the lowest solicitations for sleeping pills around (18 people ber 100,000). Perhaps due to the insane overwork + overdrink culture of its salarymen.

Check out the world’s best / worst cities for a good night of sleep (according to Lenstore).

Best Cities In The World For Sleep

  1. Canberra (Australia)
  2. Vienna (Austria)
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Jerusalem (Israel)
  5. Tokyo (Japan)
  6. Vilnius (Lithuania)
  7. Bern (Switzerland)
  8. Copenhagen (Denmark)
  9. Lisbon (Portugal)
  10. Stockholm (Sweden)

Worst Cities In The World For Sleep

  1. Washington DC (US)
  2. Santiago (Chile)
  3. San José (Costa Rica)
  4. Warsaw (Poland)
  5. Bogotá (Colombia)
  6. Budapest (Hungary)
  7. Paris (France)
  8. Brussels (Belgium)
  9. Rome (Italy)
  10. London (England)

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