Leica Unveils Limited Olympic Edition Camera, The Q ‘Snow’

Leica has just unveiled a brand new white version of the Leica Q full-frame compact camera with fast prime lens. Inspired by Olympic snowboarder and photographer, Iouri Podladtchikov, this limited edition release will only see three hundred units in global circulation, so enthusiasts best get in quick. 

“As a brand ambassador, it’s a fascinating feeling to have inspired a special edition of a camera, but I also see it as an enormous responsibility,” says Podladtchikov. 

Although it will function identically to the standard Q, visually, it is a thing of subtle pleasure. The defining difference lies in the special white leather trim and the anodised silver top plate, base plate, and control dials. 

Also featured in this design concept is a new accessory shoe cover made from aluminium. White and silver is obviously the recurring theme here, signifying snow and the like. Speaking on the subject of this special edition camera, however, Podladtchikov says the white does not only reflect snow etc. As he puts it:

“White, for me, also means ‘carte blanche’ – it’s up to you. It’s time to get creative.”  

That’s a Hell of a sales tagline. On the topic of sales comes the issue of price point. This little collectors’ item comes to a figure of $5,395 USD. Premium quality hardware begets premium quality spending.

For Leica Q camera specs and purchase details, follow the link here to their site.