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Tom Hardy Bane Transformation

Tom Hardy Says He Was Just “Really Overweight” For Bane Transformation

From Bronson to Warrior, Tom Hardy is an actor who’s renowned for his physical presence on screen – it’s to…

Technogym Sydney 10 1

Test The World’s Best Workout Gear At Sydney’s Technogym Experience Centre

If you’re a Sydney local, chances are you’ve driven through Rushcutters Bay recently and spotted the new Technogym showroom, nestled…

marathon tips hero

5 First Time Marathon Tips From Olympic Runner Brett Robinson

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably signed up for a marathon and you might be feeling a little nervous about…

More than a run feature

[Mo]re Than A Run: ANZ Run Clubs Raise Over $270,000 For Movember In Just 16 Days

132 run clubs from across Australia and New Zealand have banded together to make a meaningful impact this Movember with…

Daniel Craig Workout No Time To Die 1

Daniel Craig’s Military-Inspired Workout For ‘No Time To Die’

In order to endure the rigours of portraying James Bond at his age in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s No Time To…

Dior Technogym

Dior & Technogym Link For Slick “Dior Vibe” Gym Collection

Lockdown probably hasn’t improved the fitness of the majority of us, with gyms closed and personal trainer sessions off the…

Good Sleep Importance

Good Sleep Is More Important Than You Think… Here’s How Anyone Can Master It

LeBron prioritises it, neuroscientists worship it, yet society maligns it. New York rapper, Nas said it was the cousin of…

Wim Hoff Breathing

The Science Behind Wim Hof Breathing & What You Can Expect From It

Not to take anything away from Wim, but he didn’t invent forceful breathwork. Wim Hof simply popularised a method of…

best mountain bikes paul

The 20 Best Mountain Bikes Money Can Buy Right Now

In many ways, mountain bikes are the ultimate freedom machines. You can ride the best mountain bikes pretty much wherever…

The Joe Rogan Workout & Diet Plan

Joe Rogan is someone who almost needs no introduction. It’s damn near impossible to exist as a male between the…

5 Of The Best Soft Top Surfboard Brands For 2021

Whether you’re a grom or an absolute ledge, softboards are a fun and easy alternative to the standard fibreglass make.

Canberra Voted The Worlds Best City For Quality Sleep

Canberra Voted The World’s Best City For Quality Sleep

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it at least a thousand times again: some punchlines just write themselves. In…