Prioritise Your Health On The Go With These Online Health Services

Prioritise Your Health On The Go With These Online Health Services

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Keeping up with your health shouldn’t be a chore, especially when you’re always on the move. But it’s much easier to look after your well-being without putting your life on pause with online health services

Offering a seamless way to access medical consultations and prescriptions directly from your device, Instant Consult aims to further ease this process.

Let’s explore how it simplifies your journey to better health in the digital era.

Easy Booking of GP Consultations

No more waiting around for GP consultations.

Instant Consult makes accessing healthcare services as easy as downloading an app and signing up. 

With a simple click on “Request a Consult,” you’re on your way to connecting with a fully qualified and AHPRA-accredited Australian doctor within 15 minutes.

This feature is a gamechanger for anyone with a busy lifestyle, providing a hassle-free way to address health concerns without disrupting your day.

Tailored & Professional Care

Your health is unique, and your care should be, too.

That’s why Instant Consult offers personalised video consultations. This telehealth service gives you the space to discuss your health concerns, medical history, and questions directly with a highly qualified online doctor. 

Not only are these professionals fully licensed, but also experienced in delivering high-quality, professional healthcare tailored to your needs. They’re dedicated to guiding you through your healthcare journey and ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

It’s not just about consultations.

Instant Consult also brings a wide range of healthcare services right to your fingertips, including online medical certificates, online scripts and specialist, pathology, as well as X-ray referrals.

This comprehensive approach means you can manage almost every aspect of your healthcare online. The convenience of having these services available through the app lets you keep track of your health documents, prescriptions, and appointments with ease (and without the physical clutter of paperwork).

Available When You Need It Most

We all know that health issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why Instant Consult’s doctors are available from 6 AM to midnight AEST, seven days a week (including public holidays). 

Whether you’re facing an unexpected health issue or simply need a consultation outside of traditional office hours, Instant Consult has you covered.

This availability is especially important for those in rural, regional, and remote areas in Australia, where access to healthcare services can be limited.

Secure & Safe Document Delivery

Privacy and security are top priorities, particularly when it comes to your health information.

Instant Consult ensures that all your prescriptions, medical certificates, and test requests are securely delivered to your app inbox. 

These documents are accessible in your inbox whenever you need them and will remain there until you choose to delete them. You can download and print it or send it to its intended recipient straight from the app. Just open the document and click on the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen.

Affordable Access For Everyone

Healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury. That’s why Instant Consult is committed to providing affordable healthcare services. 

If you’re not eligible for a bulk-billed consult, you’ll find the costs often lower than a standard in-person consultation. This approach ensures that more people in Australia can access the healthcare they need without financial strain.

Prioritising Your Health Made Simple

Instant Consult is your partner in your health journey.

With easy access to medical consultations, comprehensive healthcare services, and the flexibility to manage your health on your schedule, you’re empowered to take control of your well-being in the digital era. 

Download the Instant Consult app today and experience the convenience of prioritising your health on the go.

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