We’re Throwing A Monster Party In Our Conference Room This Halloween With JBL


Attention Boss Hunters. Not to toot our own horns but we know how to throw a shindig.

And why should you care?

Well, we’ve just moved into our new sleek office space and want to chuck a proper party to celebrate.

It’s not like we needed an excuse, but since we have one (Halloween), we thought we’d strive for levels previously thought to be unattainable in any Sydney office. 

Foretold many centuries ago, carved in stone, it would come to be that the BH boys will throw the ultimate warehouse-esqe VIP party in their actual conference room.

Yes, it’s true. Fulfilling this prophecy is JBL, who are hooking us up with their new Pulse 4 kit and a bunch of bass-boosting Partybox 300’s to throw this exclusive party. Local tune-spinners (TBA) will be gracing the decks and our ears while there’ll be enough drinks flowing to make you want to pencil in a sick day for the Friday.

Dare to come along for a sharpener and a rave? A lottery system will determine which of you will score free tickets, with only a limited number up for grabs to the public.


Where: Boss Hunting’s Sydney Office

When: 7 PM till Late, Thursday, October 31st.

How: Enter below for your chance to score an invite for free entry – each person randomly selected will get a plus one.