The Tree House You Wish Your Parents Built You As A 21 Year Old.

The Tree House You Wish Your Parents Built You As A 21 Year Old.

Welcome to the greatest tree house of all time…

Remember the tree house out back that you used to play in as a little kid. You know, the place where you’d hang out with your three other mates playing cards, smoking cigarettes and talking about a dead body your older brothers found near the train tracks (maybe the movie ‘Stand By Me’ isn’t the best reference for what little kids do in tree houses…). Anyway, now fast forward to your 20’s and imagine being able to live in that tree house, except a much bosser version. Well the Seattle company called Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest (TPN) have made that exact thing possible, and they have gladly given us a tour of one of their masterpieces called ‘The Tree Top Tavern’.

With enough room to fit a dozen of your best mates for a gaming sesh and 20-30 of your close friends for an absolute rager in the nightclub, this treehouse is any young mans dream getaway home. The built in bar and beer tap speaks for itself. This Seattle company is questioning why you would live on a flat bit of land when you can live up a tree? And if I’m being honest I wish I lived in a place like this…

The company has currently built around 20 of these tree houses and not just for 21 year olds who want to host big tree house parties, but for couples and families as well. One family in particular, who live in a small densely wooded waterfront community overlooking the Puget Sound in Washington, decided the best option for them to have beautiful views of the ocean was to get TPN to build them a treehouse instead of remodelling their main home.

Take the tour of The Tree Top Tavern and I guarantee not only will you be surprised by how much space there is and how many people can fit inside, but you’ll want to know how you can get one built for yourself and how soon you can move in.