The Wolf Of Wall Street’s House Is On The Market

We’ve all dreamt of living like the Wolf of Wall Street. Extravagant parties, extortionate wealth and an apparent ability to do what ever you like. Jordan Belfort’s former New York house is now on the market, and for a cool $4.5 million, you can live like the Wolf himself.

Located in Old Brookville, New York this exclusive postcode alone is enough to attract the rich and famous and the residence was designed in typical Belfort style. It features multiple entertaining rooms, a ‘ballroom-sized living room’, a huge pool, gym and a three car garage just to name a few of the highlights.

The 800- square-metre mansion was seized by the federal government in 2001 to help pay back over $100 million in reparations. No expense was spared in the building of this luxurious residence. For more of an insight to the Wolf of Wall Street’s lifestyle, check out the gallery above.