Women Consider Listening To Joe Rogan Podcast A “Red Flag,” According To Survey
— 18 September 2023

Women Consider Listening To Joe Rogan Podcast A “Red Flag,” According To Survey

— 18 September 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Despite being one of the world’s most popular podcasts, a new poll conducted by Change Research has indicated listening to The Joe Rogan Experience is considered a major “red flag” in potential romantic partners by women under the age of 35.

The survey sought to examine the relationship between political leanings and dating preferences with a pool of 1,033 registered voters from all walks of life (educational background, socio-economic tier, sexuality) between the ages of 18 to 34 (Gen Z, Millennial).

And when it came to the former face of Fear Factor, stand-up comedian, and human DMT silo, a staggering 55% of women deemed tuning in to his multi-hour-long Spotify sermons quite the turn off; while 35% of men echoed the exact same sentiment.

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Similar to the wider culture in general, this research undertaking has conflated Joe Rogan with right wing politics. Right next to…

  • Gun ownership (women: 27% red flag | men: 13% red flag)
  • Refusing to see the Barbie movie (women: 53% | men: 31%)
  • Believing there are only two genders (women: 58% | men: 42%)
  • Saying “All Lives Matter” (women: 60% | men: 41%)
  • as well as outright identifying as a MAGA Republican (women: 75% | men: 59%) and/or conservative (women: 54% | men: 35%)
Joe Rogan Rumble Spotify

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ostensibly right-winged or centre-right participants consider identifying as a communist (women: 55% | men: 64%), identifying as a liberal (women: 19% | men: 33%), and saying “Black Lives Matter” (women: 14% | men: 33%) red flags amongst their leftist counterpart.

Other apolitical red flags range from the usual gripes of having no hobbies, apathy, watching reality dating shows, astrology, green texts (the iPhone snobbery is real), and so forth.

Interpret the data how you will (and check out the full survey + methodology, if you feel so inclined).

Garry Lu
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