5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

A man’s initial attraction to a woman is entirely physical. Our eyes move immediately from the hair to the eyes to the lips to the body to the legs all in one smooth motion. But it seems the fairer sex also have their own subconscious checklist when seeking a potential love interest. 

Here are five unexpected things women judge men on immediately, which are both intriguing and easy to fix.

Well-Fitted Trousers

5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

I find it ironic that your average Schwarzenegger-wannabe is rushing to the gym to do the usual one-two of chest and biceps while the women he’s trying to impress are actually looking south the whole time. Next time you’re checking her out from behind, keep your eyes up. She could be doing the exact same thing.

Is she looking at your bulging quads? Not quite. She’s eyeing your man-booty. Dr Kerri Johnson of UCLA believes that the reason for a woman’s not-so-subtle obsession with a guy’s glutes comes down to science. A body that is judged to be more masculine – therefore more attractive to a female – has a well defined and muscular butt. 

However, this should be in proportion to a man’s chest and shoulder width –  it’s all about balance. I was just as shocked about this as you are now when I first overheard it in a cafe and then when I read this Reddit post, where girls admitted they couldn’t stop ogling a guy with a nice behind.

I’m not suggesting you start embracing the skinny-jean movement, or the wide leg one for that matter. But start looking for trousers that accentuate the shape of your leg, from butt to ankle. A slim but not skinny jean, tapered chino, or cuffed trouser altered to your leg length and sitting above your waist will help. Ultimately, a pair of made to measure trousers with a seat designed for your body will bring out the best of your posterior.

Hydrated Lips

5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

Just picture it: it’s the end of the night, you’ve had a wonderful dinner with a drop of vino and a hint of great conversation. Time to round first base. And in that small moment, the magic of the evening is immediately destroyed… because it’s like you’re kissing plasterboard.

Now flip the roles: you’ve spent the money, you’ve bought the suit, but your lips are comparable to sandpaper, immediately disqualifying yourself from any further physical interaction.

But don’t worry, women won’t wait until the end of the night to decide whether or not your lips are kiss-worthy. Hydrated lips immediately communicate to a woman that you’re healthy, you care about your hygiene, and you’re ready for a kiss at a moment’s notice. There’s no wonder women judge men on their lips the first opportunity they get. To keep on top of this, be sure to drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day and coming into the colder, drier months add a solid lip treatment into your routine.

A Subtle Watch

5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

If you’ve had anything more than a passing gaze at BH, you’ll know we’re obsessed with watches and the greater role they play in society. Popping on a watch to impress the opposite sex may come as no surprise to you. But the reason she appreciates a considered timepiece extends far beyond the wealth it conveys. Most women will happily admit that they don’t know what the best men’s watch brands are, or even how much they’re worth. They can, however, all agree that getting the look and the size just right matters.

If you think finding the bulkiest, blingiest rock to weigh your left arm down will do the trick in convincing your date to go home with you, then you’re well off the mark. In fact, it’s just a desperate cry for attention. It’s all about subtly conveying your taste for the finer things in life in the same way some well-fitted trousers and hydrated lips subconsciously suggest good health. 

Unlike women, the watch is all the jewellery a man needs, so make this 36-42mm area of your wrist count. By ‘subtle’ we’re talking a leather strap, sub-42mm diameter, and a relatively uncrowded dial – think a traditional dress watch from the likes of Jaeger-LeCoultre or Girard Perregaux. 

Button-Down Shirt (with the sleeves rolled up)

5 Unexpected Things Women Judge Men On Immediately

Similar to trousers, nailing the fit of a shirt can do wonders for your figure and your first impression. A shirt that’s too loose communicates that you just don’t care, and a shirt that’s too tight communicates that you refuse to believe that the Christmas kilos aren’t going away. Although colour, brand, and material choices are all important factors, there’s a wearable option that’s causing the most wooing from our female friends.

Roll up those sleeves, just before the elbow. This look suggests that you’re a man who can spend his day in the office and put bread on the table but can also get down and dirty – maybe fix a truck or save a puppy from a fire. Moreover, rolling up your sleeves exposes your forearms which, like the whole booty thing, is another frankly odd obsession on behalf of women according to the Reddit consensus.

A linen, chambray, or Oxford variant can’t be underestimated, especially in a classic white, light blue or navy. Don’t believe me? Here are some not-to-subtle words from Serena Golden of women’s magazine, Mel:

“All forearms are hot — hairy or smooth, pale or dark, thin or fat or muscular, doesn’t matter — and all men so fortunate as to possess a pair can engage in some of the activities that best display them.”


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Shoes maketh the man. It’s a simple, timeless adage that still forms an important part of how women judge men. They’re a formal and functional part of our everyday dress and they have the ability to convey our complete personality to a potential lover. Your ability to keep them clean and unbroken will go a long way to convincing a woman of your inherent worth well before you open your mouth.