COVID Dating Guide How To Date

How To Date During COVID: A Guide For Men, Written By A Woman

If you’re one of the millions of single Aussies stuck at home with no Kath to your Kel, fear not…

tinder are you sure feature

Tinder Launches ‘Are You Sure?’ Feature For Those Red-Hot Messages

Thinking twice before interacting with the digital world is a notion from a bygone era. In an effort to combat…

Tinder Background checks

Tinder Will Soon Let You Run Background Checks On Potential Dates

In an effort to help the single population avoid walking red flags and promote general safety, popular dating app Tinder…

How To Tackle Valentine’s Day When You’re Only Two Dates In

January is the best time of the year to be single and swiping, hands down. The endless string of glowing…

20 Date Night Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Choosing a movie to watch with a new love interest can seem harmless enough – that’s until you’ve been handed…

New Data Reveals This Is How You Get More Bumble Matches

Dating apps have one job; matching singles who like each other.  However, all bar one app has been able to…

PSA: Fellas, There Are Too Many Aussie Women On Bumble Right Now

The infamous heist mastermind Willie Sutton had a simple yet genius response when asked why he robbed banks – “That’s…

A Girl’s Group Chat Tells Us What They Look For Before Swiping Right

From a girl speaking to the boys… fellas, let’s get one thing straight, we aren’t fast and loose on the right…

The Hot/Crazy Scale Is Real & Actually Backed By Science

The pseudo-science behind Barney Stinson’s Hot Crazy Matrix (HCM) from How I Met Your Mother is now officially backed by…

Casual Sex Etiquette

Casual Sex Etiquette 101: What Women Want You To Know

“I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.” – Maya Angelou

DINKY ONE small penis dating woman eating banana sex

The Dating Site For Men With Small Penises & Women Who Prefer Them

Body positivity win?

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What Does Astrology Have To Do With Dating & How To Play Along

Bring yourself up to speed before you step into it by accident.