This 1923 Leica Is The Most Expensive Camera Ever Sold

A 1923 Leica O-Series has shattered previous records in becoming the most expensive camera to ever be sold. Incidentally, the previous record was also held by a Leica O-Series sale back in 2012, which this latest one apparently “eclipses” by $160,000 USD… as was the one before that. The dynasty runs strong to this day, apparently.  

Fetching a cool $2.95 million USD at the WestLicht Camera Auction, Vienna, this particular camera model is one of only twenty-five ever produced. The reason for it being such a rarity is due to the fact that these O-Series’ were test prototypes created two years before the official launch of the first Leica release. The price paid also has to do with the condition it has been preserved in.

The bidding opened at a starting price of €400,000 (roughly $500,000 USD), and would go on to increase six times before eventually being purchased by a private collector based in Asia.

“The world record price of 2.4 million euros shows that the myth of the Leica brand continues to grow,” says Andreas Kaufmann, Leica chairman of the supervisory board and majority stakeholder.

The next WestLitcht auction will take place in November of this year.