Apple’s Upcoming AR/VR Headset Will Immerse You In The Apple Universe
— 25 April 2023

Apple’s Upcoming AR/VR Headset Will Immerse You In The Apple Universe

— 25 April 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference just over a month away, it’s understood that the brand’s long anticipated AR/VR headset will finally make its debut. Close to seven years in development and spearheaded by an ex-NASA engineer, the new device is expected to be the next step towards total immersion into the Apple universe and will connect to thousands of existing apps we use everyday.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple AR/VR headset will cost around US$3,000 (AU$4,500) to buy and will offer an enormous number of features as the tech giant tests how the device will be most enthusiastically used. Much like the original Apple Watch in 2015, many of the features it was launched with are no longer available as Apple as gradually iterated on it to offer maximum functionality to owners.

This means it’ll include everything from fitness tracking and workout apps, to virtual reality reading and gaming directly from Apple, as well as potentially hundreds of thousands of third party apps that can be adjusted to integrate with the upcoming headset. From Bloomberg’s understanding, the device could offer:

  • “The ability to run most of Apple’s existing iPad apps in mixed reality, which blends AR and VR. That includes Books, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Freeform, Home, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Safari, Stocks, TV and Weather.
  • A new Wellness app with a focus on meditation, featuring immersive graphics, calming sounds and voice-overs.
  • A new portal for watching sports in virtual reality as part of Apple’s push into streaming live games and news. 
  • A large gaming focus, including top-tier titles from existing third-party developers for Apple’s other devices.
  • A feature to use the headset as an external monitor for a connected Mac. 
  • Advanced videoconferencing and virtual meeting rooms with realistic avatars, ideally making users feel like they’re interacting in the same place. 
  • A new VR-focused Fitness+ experience for working out while wearing the headset (though this feature likely won’t arrive until later).
  • A way to watch video while immersed in a virtual environment, such as a desert scene or in the sky.”

If you thought there were already benefits to using Apple devices for the integration across your phone, watch and computer, just wait for the Apple AR/VR headset to drop.

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Nick Kenyon
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