Apple iOS 17 Will Introduce Several Of The “Most Requested” Features
— Updated on 13 September 2023

Apple iOS 17 Will Introduce Several Of The “Most Requested” Features

— Updated on 13 September 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Earlier this year, reports indicated Apple users would soon enjoy a performance bump and bug fix update thanks to iOS 17. But according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it might be considerably more significant than just that, with rumours now pointing towards a few crowd-pleaser introductions.

“When Apple set out to develop iOS 17, the initial thinking was to call it a tune-up release — one focused more on fixing bugs and improving performance than adding new features (not unlike the approach the company took with Snow Leopard on Mac OS X back in 2009),” Mark Gurman revealed via Twitter.

“The hope was to avoid the problems of iOS 16, an ambitious update that suffered from missed deadlines and a buggy start. But later in the development process, the strategy changed.”

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“The iOS 17 release is now expected to boast several “nice to have” features, even if it lacks a tentpole improvement like last year’s revamped lock screen. The goal of the software, codenamed “Dawn,” is to check off several of users’ most requested features.”

As some of you may already be aware, there’s long been demand for basic additions to the iPhone’s functional capabilities from Apple users, which was partially addressed with the arrival of iOS 16, e.g:

  • redesigned lock screen that moved notifications to the bottom with widget support
  • redesigned lock screen with always-on display (for the iPhone 14 Pro + Pro Max)
  • improved messaging management with the ability to unsend
  • batch photo editing with an impressive background isolation tool

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At this stage, however, it’s unclear what these “most requested features” will actually entail. Theoretically, this should all be upside.

Apple iOS 17 Will Introduce Several Of The "Most Requested" Features

iOS 17 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC this June ahead of a late-year launch parallel to the forthcoming iPhone 15.

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