The Breville Pizza Oven Delivers Woodfire-Style Pizza In 2 Minutes

The Breville Pizza Oven Delivers Woodfire-Style Pizza In 2 Minutes

Ask anyone and they’ll happily tell you what they think is the best pizza in the world. These answers, however, may likely see a radical change in the coming months thanks to the Breville pizza oven (Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo), the latest essential appliance for any home kitchen, giving you the power to make a slice exactly to your preference.

The dream is very much real, ladies and gentlemen. If the dream refers to having authentic woodfire-style pizza on demand. Think of the everyday applications. Breakfast… lunch… second lunch… dinner… midnight snack… kick-ons. All a material reality and all possible within this stylishly compact product.

It goes without saying that an abundance of research and development has been undertaken in order to replicate the same cooking method as your conventional benchtop ovens – even more so when you consider the fact the Breville pizza oven is actually capable of delivering authentic woodfire-style pizzas in a mere two minutes.

The Breville Pizza Oven Delivers Woodfire-Style Pizza In 2 Minutes

We’re talking years of investigating heating techniques, testing prototype after prototype, modifying the existing Breville Element iQ® System to ensure this could achieve 400°C – as well as the three types of heat generated by a brick oven (conductive, radiant, convective). Historically, I’ve never been a man of science. But for the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, I’m willing to become Marie freaking Curie.

I could rattle on endlessly about the tech innovation, the algorithms, and even how this wonder machine – which fits on top of a goddamn kitchen bench – can intuitively accommodate for all kinds of cuts, all kinds of darkness’, all kinds of etc. Or I could simply show you the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo in action coming through with the doughy goods.

(See the actual pizzas made in the video below c. 3:57)

The Breville pizza oven is now officially available in Australia. Find out more over at

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