Brian Eno Designed The Perfect Turntable For Your Next Acid Trip
— 22 December 2021

Brian Eno Designed The Perfect Turntable For Your Next Acid Trip

— 22 December 2021
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Brian Eno is a man of many talents. The British musician, composer, and record producer has more than left his mark on the world, personally responsible for the term “ambient music” thanks to his pioneering work in the genre. Just in time for Christmas, Brian Eno has partnered with the Paul Stolper Gallery on a limited edition turntable, featuring a psychedelic set of LED lights to turn any living room into an LSD-soaked scene from Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.

As one of the most influential contributors to the experimental pop music landscape, Eno has worked with giants such as U2, David Bowie, Coldplay, and Grace Jones. However, his interests aren’t limited to music. Eno helped create The Clock, a timekeeping device buried in a mountain designed to keep accurate time for 10,000 years. He was also the mind behind Oblique Strategies, a deck of cards first released in the mid-70s to help creative types laterally think their way out of problems.

The latest project Brian Eno has put his name to is a turntable that might have also been conceptually born in the 1970s, thanks to the ever-changing colours produced by the LED lights built into it. When playing a record, coloured light will emanate from both the platter and base of the acrylic turntable, removing the need for a lava lamp in the same room.

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“The light from it was tangible as if caught in a cloud of vapour,’ Eno said of the turntable.

“We sat watching for ages, transfixed by this totally new experience of light as a physical presence.”

“One of the great breakthroughs of evolution theory is that you can start with simple things and they will grow into complexity. This is very unintuitive — it’s one of these things that the human brain isn’t immediately capable of grasping. It doesn’t make sense until you see it,” Eno continued.

“You have the idea that this small thing, which can’t contain that many instructions, produces this hugely complex interwoven, interdependent world. One of the things I like about this piece of work is that it stands as proof of that.”

If it looks psychedelic and it sounds psychedelic, it probably is, making this 50 unit limited edition the perfect companion to your next thought-provoking trip. It’s available for sale via the Paul Stolper Gallery site, but you’d better be quick to call one your own.

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