Samsung Introduces The ‘Blade Bezel’ Laptop With A 1-Millimetre Thin Screen

Samsung Blade Bezel 1mm laptop

When it comes to screens, Samsung knows what they’re doing. As we’ve seen in the past eighteen months, the South Korean tech giant can make ’em fold, curved, rotate, pretty as a painting, larger than life, and now with the Samsung Blade Bezel laptop unveiled at CES 2021… ultra-thin beyond what we thought was physically possible.

Measuring up to an astounding thickness (if you can really even call it that) of a single millimetre, the magic is in Samsung’s proprietary OLED technology, which allows the Blade Bezel laptop display to be more streamlined than ever before.

An Under Panel Camera (UPC) has also been integral to what you see today, increasing its screen-to-body ratio from the standard 85% all the way to 93%. Although it’s worth noting the UPC’s specs have yet to be confirmed / quality has yet to be demonstrated. That’ll be the real test.

According to the promo video, the Samsung Blade Bezel is up to 50% thinner and up to 30% lighter than your conventional laptop.

At this point, as we’ve previously alluded to re: its UPC, there’s no official word on any Samsung Blade Bezel technical specifications beyond the metrics outlined above, nor a starting price. All we know for sure is that innovation such as this certainly won’t come cheap.