Get Back To (Sytlish) Basics With The Light Phone 2

For those of you looking to unplug from the online, there’s one smartphone that gets back to basics. And still boasting a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

Introducing the Light Phone 2, a slim, compact device no larger than a credit card specifically designed to help you live a distraction free lifestyle. So for those of you intentionally carrying around an old Nokia to get shit done, you can now ditch those (and this is with all due respect to the capital N) undeniably ugly trap phones. 

While the original was a little too minimalist, only allowing you to accept calls, store few numbers, and not much else, this latest iteration adds a few more functions. For your modern living convenience. 

Features are still pretty barebone, ranging from phone calls, a full contact list, text messages, to an alarm clock, maps, ride-hailing services, and music. All in a gorgeously distinct black and white matte screen and colour display scheme (making it the “… most visible phone while outdoors…”), as well as a high-res E-Ink touchscreen. And yes, it is 4G LTE compatible. 

Whether any more features will be added in the future is anyone’s guess. But if, by chance, e-mails made an appearance, this could potentially be an incredibly viable work phone. Only time will tell, I guess. 

The Light Phone 2 is available for purchase/backing on Indiegogo at a starting price of $250 USD, due to ship out in April 2019, and is expected to hike itself up to $400 USD when it eventually hits retail outlets.