Gmail’s New AI Feature Will Write Your Emails
— 11 May 2023

Gmail’s New AI Feature Will Write Your Emails

— 11 May 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Google has unveiled its new Help Me Write feature for Gmail, which essentially leverages the power of AI to write full emails on your behalf.

Announced at the Google I/O 2023 event, it’s been characterised as the existing Smart Compose function you will have probably encountered on steroids.

In the first public demonstration of Help Me Write by CEO Sundar Pichai, Gmail was prompted to demand an airline for a flight refund. Scraping data from previous emails lingering somewhere in the not-so-distant past/the inbox, a full request was formed with all the relevant details.

Once you’ve got the bulk of the words down, you’ll then be provided with options to instantly modify what’s been written: Formalise, Elaborate, Shorten, as well as I’m Feeling Lucky. Or, you know, DIY the damn thing just a touch. After all… the heavy lifting has already been accomplished.

The end of inbox anxiety?

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Pichai selected Elaborate on this occasion to “increase the chances of getting a refund,” and the tool added sentences such as, “I believe that a full refund is the only fair way to compensate me for the problems I experienced.” 

Gmail’s Help Me Write was introduced to “trusted testers” back in March, and represents one of several coming AI-based developments which will eventually be available on Google’s Duet AI For Workspace service. As for when these tools would be accessible to the general public, that remains to be seen.

Hopefully, by then, they’ll have ironed out the kinks to avoid another Bard-type situation.

Check out an abridged version of everything showcased courtesy of The Verge below.

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