Incredible Drone Technology Lets You Explore $820M Hamburg Concert Hall

Last week, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall finally finished construction, albeit 6 years late and more than $700M over budget. The venue is due to open in January and was designed by Swiss architect duo Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron who are the names behind London’s Tate Modern, Beijing’s Olympic stadium and Munich’s Allianz Arena football stadium.

The concert hall is constructed above a warehouse in Hamburg’s old port and boasts vineyard-style seating, which cascades around the central stage, the brainchild of Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota. The glass panelled construction also features a hotel, restaurants and numerous halls surrounding the 2,150 seat Great Hall, acoustically isolated from the rest of the building and stretching from the 12th to the 17th floors. There’s also a viewing platform offering panoramic views from the 110m building, the city’s tallest.

While not open to the public until 11 January 2017, incredible drone technology allows you to tour the spectacular Elbphilharmonie in your own time. Click here for your very own virtual tour.