KFC Drones Australia

KFC Has Begun Delivering With Drones In Australia

There’s an argument to be made that shit is getting just a little too convenient. Today, it’s fast food delivered…

Joey Helms Drone Crashes Into Volcano Iceland Fagradalsfjall

WATCH: Drone Crashes Into Erupting Icelandic Volcano

YouTuber Joey Helms has managed to capture the epic destruction of an erupting volcano moments before his drone crashed into…

Chasing M2 Underwater Drone Shoots In 4K Resolution

There’s a new wave of drones coming into the forefront – and yes, that pun could not be any more…

Forget Uber, Dubai’s About To Start Flying You Around In Taxi Drones

Dubai are rolling out the world’s first taxi drones, autonomously carrying people to destinations around the city.

Incredible Drone Technology Lets You Explore $820M Hamburg Concert Hall

Last week, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall finally finished construction, albeit 6 years late and more than $700M over budget. The venue…

Watch Santa (Casey Neistat) And The Human Flying Drone

Viral sensation Casey Neistat has shared a new video just in time for Christmas: the human flying drone. Dressed as Santa…

GoPro’s New Commercial Will Leave You Craving The Outdoors

The Go Pro Hero 5 was revealed this week, along with the new Karma Drone. Able to record in full…

You’ve Never Seen Uluru Like This Before

Check out this mesmerising video captured by the first drone to ever operate under permit inside Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park….

Watch Three Aussie Mates Catch A 20kg Tuna With A Drone

Drones have become fairly common recently, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time they’ve been used to get bait out to a school of hungry tuna.