The Joy Resolve Manual Immersion Brewer Is A Sleek & Simple Luxury

From the very same design studio responsible for a certain automatic coffee machine alarm clock hybrid comes another piece of coffee-related kit. Only this time, it’s surprisingly… minimalist. This is the Joy Resolve Manual Immersion Brewer – and here’s why it’s worthy of your limited attention.

Although it’s noticeably devoid of the usual Joy Resolve tech – as showcased in the aforementioned coffee machine alarm clock – this particular item on offer is no less capable of producing a tasty hot beverage.

Featuring the signature Joy Resolve brew chamber and a reusable stainless steel filter, the main apparatus is placed within a hand-blown glass funnel sealed in by a food-grade silicon bung. Essentially, this design allows both loose tea and immersion coffee to brew longer in an effective manner.

Once ready, simply hit the release by lifting the strainer and watch that delicious liquid trickle down into your glass, mug, dog dish or whatever you take your morning cuppa in.

The Joy Resolve Manual Immersion Brewer will be available to purchase in the coming days for around US$87. The variants you can choose from at this point in time are either “Blond Timber” (obviously the lighter colour finish) and “Walnut Timber” (obviously the darker colour finish).

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