Cool Your Tinnies In An Instant With The Juno ‘Reverse Microwave’

Of all the groundbreaking tech being unveiled at CES 2020 right now, this is one that we simply could not ignore — Juno‘s “reverse microwave”. An innovation that will allow you to cool those lukewarm tinnies in mere seconds. 

The most exciting part about this reveal is that this miracle machine is still at its prototype phase. Meaning its already impressive capabilities will only be fine-tuned to a greater extent. Currently, each drink takes roughly ninety seconds to be fully chilled.

Utilising 100 to 200 watts of power, there is reportedly minimal environmental harm. And considering it may eliminate the need for a fridge when it comes to drink cooling, it may very well reduce far more environmental harm in the long term.

Never again shall we, the ever-humble pisshead, quiver in fear of the unforgiving Australian sun. Never again shall we be a the mercy of dad’s shitty garage fridge that’s still housing Kirks from two summers ago for some reason. This is the future, and it is glorious

Check out BBC‘s coverage of it above.

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