Kodak’s XL Inflatable Screen Brings Movie Night To The Backyard

Kodak Inflatable Screen 1

Cinemas might be re-opening with the country, but with summer lurking right around the corner, traditional theatres might find some stiff competition in the ever-charming, backyard viewing experience, facilitated by kit like the Kodak Inflatable Screen.

Where to begin with this one? Setting aside the fact it’s virtually impossible to be ejected from home for sinking tins while watching a bit of Daniel Craig – depending on the strength of your marriage, other spousal-type relationships, roommate friendship, etc. – there’s a whole lot to be appreciated here.

Measuring up to 14.5 feet by 10.3 feet (4.4 metres by 3.1 metres) for a standard 16:9 ration, Kodak’s Inflatable Screen is a water + weather-resistant and extremely durable behemoth that’ll survive any kind of backyard event; from the pleasant and proper family gathering to those rowdier “conferences” with the lads.

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Just make sure that one bloke leaves the Swiss knife at home (because there’s always one), although it’s worth noting the forward-thinking folks at Kodak deliver this screen with a few repair patches. Better safe than sorry, as they say.

Arriving with its very own air pump, it can be inflated within mere minutes before throwing up what you decide to project, and pack away for easy storage + easy carry in roughly the same time. Other inclusions of the complete Kodak Inflatable Screen package include 2 x air blower stakes, 8 x screen stakes, 4 x lines of rope, and a nifty carry bag.

While it’s available to purchase via the official Kodak Online Store for anyone in the US, Australians will need to hit up Amazon for a Kodak Inflatable Screen. The option described above will set you back $218.59, while an even bigger 17.5-feet / 5.3-metre option will set you back $300.56 (import + shipping fees not included).

Kodak Inflatable Screen