Moog & Korg Release Their Music Synth Apps For Free

Minimood Model D

Over Netflix and Warzone yet? Luckily for us, musical synthesizers Moog & Korg have come through with something of a blessing in this period of cancelled gigs.

Moog & Korg have teamed up to release their Minimoog Model D and iKaossilator apps for free to get the creative juices flowing while you’re stuck at home. Moog called the price drop a “gift to spread positivity, creativity, and expressivity”. In other words, they’ve given you full permission to create the EDM or rap banger of your dreams to play when crowds can exceed 500 people.

Available on iOS (Korg’s offering was available on Android until March 20th), now is your chance to access both offerings and their extensive replications of 1970s modular synthesisers. Be quick though – this offer will only last until the 31st of March, so get it for those productive work breaks ASAP.

While the apps are free, you might as well pick up a quick course on how to master music production.

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