Restflix: The Streaming Service That’ll Help You Sleep Better

Restflix: The Streaming Service That’ll Help You Sleep Better

While one could argue that regular old Netflix does the job in this department, there’s another streaming service out there specifically designed to help you achieve better sleep. Appropriately named Restflix, those who have trouble getting the rest they need – or resisting the temptation to hit that dastardly ‘next episode’ button instead of actually shutting down the old human CPU – can now get the comforting background ambience they crave as they approach their REM cycle.

The Restflix platform hosts an entire library filled with relaxing content divided across over 20 channels. Each and every bit of content promises to induce the ideal heart rate for sleep and instil an overall drowsiness. With binary beats and calming visuals, the content also does wonders for those with nocturnal anxiety and anxiety in general. As for the variety of content, it ranges from gentle music, dark-screened videos, meditation materials, and even bedtime stories. Because no matter how old you are, you’re never above a good bedtime story – especially if it’s from Tom Hardy or Matthew McConaughey.

Similar to Netflix, new content is added just about every week, so you can be sure that your mind has the opportunity to be hit with some fresh sleep-inducing angles. Restflix is available to access on Smart TVs as well as portable devices via the Apple and Google Play Store.

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If you’re even remotely interested – hit the link below to start your 7-day free trial.