You Can Now Buy A Working ‘Rick & Morty’ Butter Robot
— Updated on 22 June 2021

You Can Now Buy A Working ‘Rick & Morty’ Butter Robot

— Updated on 22 June 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

There’s nothing quite like subjugating (lesser) man-made creations to perpetual existential dread as a means of regaining some semblance of control, and yes, feel better about our own situation. At least that was the entire implication behind Butter Robot in Rick & Morty S01E09 “Something Ricked This Way Comes” – a cosmic punchline which you can now take home with the arrival of Adult Swim and Digital Dream Lab’s functioning real-life iteration.

As per the official description under the tragically empty plea of a subheading, “What is my purpose?”:

Straight from the Citadel of Ricks, the Butter Robot is a nearly-sentient robot that was created for the sole purpose of passing butter. With its lifelike movement and trademark voice, the Butter Robot is sure to deliver hours of fun… all while its complex “emotion engine” creates unique interactions as it struggles with a need for purpose.

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Actual features of the Rick & Morty Butter Robot include the following:

  • Sentience” 
    A complex “emotion engine” allows the Butter Robot to react to influences from its environment and adapt to become more “self-aware” over time while choosing to “rebel” against commands and exhibit independence.

  • Selectable Control Modes 
    Using the complimentary mobile app, fans can select from three control modes (Direct Control, Coding, Passing) to relay a variety of commands to their robot companion.

  • Passing Mode 
    The Butter Robot will listen for and respond to the phrase “Pass the Butter” and will react by passing its Butter Stick to the fan who spoke.

  • Direct Control 
    This mode allows fans to experience life from the robot’s perspective; “driving” the Butter Robot and performing pre-programmed animations (dances, picking up the butter), all while watching from its integrated camera.

  • Coding Mode 
    Fans can use block coding to relay a series of commands to the Butter Robot.

  • Movement 
    In addition to passing the butter, Butter Robot has a combination of mechanical designs that allow it to move its head, torso and arms like a human.

  • Voice 
    Identical to the voice used in Rick and Morty, fans will enjoy Butter Robot’s distinct voice as it interacts with its surroundings or parrots phrases relayed through the mobile app’s text-to-voice feature.

“This robot was designed to feel like it was pulled from the universe of the show,” says Justin Roiland, Rick & Morty co-creator.

“A product that sat on the shelves of many Citadel of Ricks gift shops, malls, and stores… Using AI neural networks and other cutting edge technology, this toy is way more than it seems.”

The Rick & Morty Butter Robot is now available to pre-order for an introductory price of US$147 – and is expected to ship as early as May 15th. In addition to the poor little fella in question, you’ll also receive a Butter Stick, USB-C charging cable + adapter, dedicated mobile app (iOS/Android), as well as Justin Roiland’s embossed signature somewhere on the robot itself (limited to the first release only).

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