Hands On With Samsonite’s New Evoa Tech Smart Suitcase

Hands On With Samsonite’s New Evoa Tech Smart Suitcase

Smart luggage has had a tumultuous rise to prominence over the last five or so years, so it’s no wonder travel giant Samsonite have taken their time to get in on the smart luggage action with the release of their new Evoa Tech luggage range. 

Launched as an upgraded version of Samsonite’s standard Evoa range, the Evoa Tech sports a huge complement of handy ‘smart’ features, without compromising on the core purpose of any piece of luggage: to carry belongings efficiently.

At first glance, there’s no denying the Evoa Tech is a beauty, but what’s so smart about it? 

Undoubtedly the coolest (yet arguably most superfluous) feature has to be the fact that the bag can be unlocked using a fingerprint scanner in addition to the usual three digit combination lock – whether the weight addition is worth the time saving remains to be seen on that one. 

The Evoa Tech’s inbuilt digital scale is another very cool trick. Just pick the bag up with the side handle and you’ll see exactly how much the bag weighs – perfect for proving those militant Tiger & Jetstar ground staff wrong.

In addition to these two features, there’s also an internal slot for a BYO removable battery pack, as well as a bluetooth tracker which pings your phone if the bag leaves your proximity

As we mentioned before, the most important part of any piece of luggage is to help get your belongings from A to B and while it’s not strictly smart, Samsonite’s Aero-Trac suspension wheel system makes the Evoa Tech one of the smoothest, easiest to push suitcases we’ve ever used. This usability, combined with just the right amount of tech, makes it a compelling offering for those looking to get a bit more out of their luggage.

The Samsonite Evoa Tech starts at $679 for the 55cm spinner as reviewed above. For more information, visit samsonite.com.au

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