Sony Reon Pocket: A Wearable Air Conditioner

Originally intended for release during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Sony Reon Pocket has finally arrived – a portable air conditioner which can be concealed within your clothing. In other words, an absolute godsend for those of us who consistently perspire more than the scenario demands.

This futuristic thermal device is designed to be held by a custom shirt, which places the Sony Reon Pocket right on your back between the shoulder blades. The real magic, however, isn’t in its placement, but in something known as the Peltier effect:

When an electric current is passed through a circuit of a thermocouple, heat is evolved at one junction and absorbed at the other junction.

Basically, it’s capable of absorbing and releasing heat to ensure you’re always at an optimal temperature. As outlined by the official product description, one can expect a reduction of body temperature by as much as 13 degrees Celsius; or an increase of body temperature by as much as 8 degrees Celsius.

The Sony Reon Pocket will run for a maximum of four hours on a two hour charge, monitored and adjusted using an iOS/Android companion app – manual tweaking and automatic temperature regulation modes available.

Sony Reon Pocket

Currently, it’s retailing for ¥13,000 (US$120) over at Sony’s Japan webstore and ¥14,300 (US$160) over at Amazon Japan. Shirts are sold separately for ¥1,800 (US$20).

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