Spotify Launches Premium Duo Subscription For Couples

Spotify Launches Premium Duo Subscription For Couples

UPDATE [17/09/20]: Spotify Premium Duo is now available in Australia for $15.99/month – saving you $7.99 (from the price of two separate Premium accounts).

After months of piloting it within specific markets, Spotify has announced the official arrival of Premium Duo subscriptions for couples… or, you know, just really good mates.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique Spotify Premium plan to even more markets around the world,” says Alex Norström, Spotify’s Chief Freemium Business Officer.

“With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted, and get all of your personalised playlists and features tailored just for you.”

This new subscription level is being rolled out across the world as we speak, hitting the international markets first. As for Australia, there is currently no word on when it’ll land Down Under – but it shouldn’t be too long now (i.e. within the next month). We’ll be sure to update you when it comes.

In addition to the slight decrease in cost and slight increase in co-dependency, this subscription level will feature an exclusive “Duo Mix” function. “Duo Mix” is essentially a regularly updated playlist curated for the two participants “to discover audio they both love”. Think of it as an aural Venn diagram. Which, now that I mention it, sounds like a complete fucking nightmare for those who have wildly different tastes.

Similarly to Family Share, both individuals must share the same address. Or at the very least, share an address on paper. Spotify Premium Duo will cost US$13 (~$19), but this is likely to be adjusted when it kicks off domestically.