The Brick Box: A LEGO-Inspired Subscription Service

The latest addition to a long line of subscription services designed to keep idle hands busy during lockdown is The Brick Box: a LEGO-inspired offering that delivers building blocks to your door every month.

For legal reasons relating to copyright and licensing, the building blocks provided by The Brick Box cannot officially be identified as LEGOs. Functionally, however, they’re pretty much LEGOs.

In terms of how the subscription service is structured, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Every month, a wondrous package brimming with creative potential – only limited by your very own imagination – arrives to your doorstep. And according to The Brick Box’s site description, these packages will be handpicked to “… suit the taste of each individual recipient…”. Neat-o.

Monthly deliveries will come with ideas and different challenges to get the ball rolling. Something that promises to stimulate the mind while you’re stuck at home. To keep things a little more interesting, there’s also an ongoing Brick Box monthly competition for the best build. Those who upload their end results onto Instagram with the hashtag #thebrickbox automatically go into the running for a free 6-month subscription. Neat-o x 2.

As for pricing, a 1-month subscription will set you back $20, 3-month subscription $50, 6-month subscription $100, and an entire year run will come to a moderate $200. Obviously the longer you commit upfront, the more you save as per standard subscription models in the 21st century. But I’ll let you decide how you want to play the cards. Or rather… bricks.

Find out more about The Brick Box here.