Which Countries Have The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds?
— 27 September 2021

Which Countries Have The World’s Fastest Internet Speeds?

— 27 September 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Speedtest has once again revealed which countries have the world’s fastest internet speeds, and spoilers: Australia still isn’t doing too hot. But I’m guessing you will have suspected as much given the everything.

Granted, for the second consecutive year, we’ve managed to rank #9 for mobile speeds (126.97 Mbps). Fixed broadband, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Currently, this proud and well-thought-out nation of ours is ranked #54 and falling with 85.57 Mbps (the global average being 110.24 Mbps). Sandwiched between the likes of Estonia and Czechia, the latter of which is above us, the category’s top honour belongs to Singapore with an impressive 262.20 Mbps.

“The global mean of download speeds improved over the last 12 months on both mobile and fixed broadband to 55.07 Mbps and 107.50 Mbps, respectively (July 2021). Mobile saw an increase of 59.5% when comparing July 2020 to July 2021 and fixed broadband saw an increase of 31.9%, according to the Speedtest Global Index,” explains the official blog post.

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“Most countries that made the Top 10 in July 2021 for either mobile or fixed broadband were performing well over the global average for both at that point in time. South Korea and the UAE stood out with mean mobile download speeds that were more than 240% faster than the global average and fixed broadband downloads that were more than 70% faster than the global average.”

“China’s mobile download speed was more than 180% faster than the global average and the country was more than 70% faster than the global average for fixed broadband. Switzerland’s mobile and fixed broadband download speeds were close to 100% faster than the global average.”

“We’re interested to see how global speeds and rankings change over time as individual countries and their providers choose to invest in different technologies.”

I guess we get what we deserve for building our National Broadband Network using copper wire. Hope it was worth saving the pocket change, people.

Check out the world’s fastest internet speeds according to the Speedtest Global Index below (as of August 2021).

World’s Fastest Internet Speeds – Mobile

  1. United Arab Emirates – 195.52 Mbps
  2. South Korea – 192.16 Mbps
  3. Norway – 173.54 Mbps
  4. Qatar – 169.17 Mbps
  5. China – 163.45 Mbps
  6. Saudi Arabia – 149.95 Mbps
  7. Kuwait – 141.46 Mbps
  8. Australia – 126.97 Mbps
  9. Bulgaria – 126.21 Mbps

World’s Fastest Internet Speeds – Fixed Broadband

  1. Singapore – 262.20 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong – 254.40 Mbps
  3. Monaco – 242.89 Mbps
  4. Switzerland – 222.00 Mbps
  5. Thailand – 221.00 Mbps
  6. Romania – 217.91 Mbps
  7. South Korea – 216.67 Mbps
  8. Denmark – 216.13 Mbps
  9. Chile – 209.83 Mbps
  10. France – 201.61 Mbps

You can read up on the complete global rankings here.

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