2019 Toyota Supra Unveiled At Detroit Motor Show

2019 Toyota Supra Unveiled At Detroit Motor Show

With all the buzz of the Detroit Motor Show, one car has managed to stick out above the rest. The 2019 Toyota Supra has been revealed to the cheers and adorations of Toyota devotees everywhere – especially if they’re fans of a BMW interior and body.

The fifth-generation Supra is a dynamic package of poise, power, and prestige. Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Developed alongside a BMW Z4 convertible.
  • 3.0 litre, 6-cylinder, turbocharged engine.
  • Hits 250kW and 500Nm via an 8-speed automatic gearbox.
  • 0-100km/h in a mere 4.3 seconds.

The 2019 Toyota Supra’s final testing took place on the Great Ocean Road so it’s got a nice Aussie influence. The car is expected to sell for around $80,000 but with high demand and limited supply, the 2019 Toyota Supra could essentially sell for anything. The company is aiming for an October 2019 release.

Check out this small promo clip of the 2019 Toyota Supra that leaked last week:


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