8 Classic Racers Re-imagined & Rendered With A Modern Touch

Although technology has throttled motorsports into the ever exciting frontiers of modernity, it’s always nice to take a retrospective glance at how we got here. One designer has taken some classic racers of yesteryear and kicked it up a notch with concept re-imaginings and renderings.

In the gallery above, you’ll find a total of eight designs with notes about what you’re seeing in the actual images themselves. Visually enjoy everything from an Aston Martin DBR1 “… with modern design lines from the Aston Martin 2018 Vantage and Valkyrie…”, to the Jaguar D-Type .”.. inspired by the C-X75…” and taking “… some design cues from the modern XJR-12”.

Check them out, then check out James Bond’s 1965 DB5 used in GoldenEye that’s being sold at auction this month.