This US$850,000 Real-Life Batmobile Has Been Impounded By Police

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A key doctrine of the law is that no one is above it – not even The Dark Knight himself. Nor whoever has been roleplaying as The Dark Knight, with reports that a real-life Batmobile valued at approximately US$850,000 has just been impounded by Moscow police. 

This replica Batmobile was apparently featured in both Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. And as it so happens, it lacked proper registration and “did not meet road safety regulations”. Hence the lock and tow job.

Now any ordinary car might have gotten away with it. But it goes without saying that this real-life Batmobile isn’t an ordinary car. It drew attention from authorities almost immediately. 

Where it gets slightly hinky, however, is the statement Moscow’s Ministry of the Interior gave regarding this whole incident. A statement claiming how the vehicle was inspected with “… special technical measuring instruments…” to find the dimensions in “… excess of permissible norms…”. Only in Russia.

The Batmobile’s owner was obviously MIA. And to get the keys of his pimped out ride back, they’ll have to pony up US$780 for the tow truck company and US$35 for every day it spends at the impound lot. Literally pocket change in comparison to the vehicle’s value – no GoFundMe pages necessary here.

Check out the video of the Batmobile getting towed below.

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