Introducing the Niniette 66: Bugatti’s $2.9 Million Luxury Yacht

Bugatti have teamed up with yacht manufacturing powerhouse Palmer Johnson to deliver the first of a three part series, the Niniette 66.

This $2.9 million luxury yacht is quite possibly one of the slickest pieces of motoring machinery we’ve ever seen on the water, and is limited to a release of only 66 boats.

Bugatti have clearly gone for quality and power over quantity, as it’s only a modest 20 metres in length and designed for just two people and one crew member. What it lacks in size however, it makes up for in speed and luxury, reaching a maximum of 44 knots (50 mph) with an aerodynamic carbon design to rival that of its land counterpart, the Bugatti Chiron.

With less physical space to cover, the attention to detail has clearly been raised to an unparalleled level. It boasts a fire pit, Jacuzzi, sun deck, champagne bar and a master suite to compete with only the best five star hotel rooms.

The luxurious materials of leather, nubuck, polished metal, carbon and marble finish the interior meticulously, screaming a level of unquantifiable class without having to say a single word.

The simplicity and ferocity of this minimal masterpiece epitomises both the Bugatti and Palmer Johnson brands to the tee. We can’t wait to see what surprises the following instalments of the series will bring.

Explore the beauty below.