The Ludicrous Race Boat Inspired By Mercedes-AMG’s Project ONE Hypercar

The staggering concept model of the Mercedes-AMG’s Project ONE hypercar was unveiled by Lewis Hamilton himself at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The 1.6-litre, turbo-charged V6 hybrid has a predicted sale price in Australia of around the 5 million dollar mark, with only eight being made available in the country – all of which have already been purchased.

Cigarette Racing has last week revealed its own Project ONE model for the water at Miami’s International Boat Show, a Mercedes-AMG flip on their flagship model, the 515 Maurauder. 

Measuring at 51 feet and 5 inches long – hence the 515 name – the racing team began its partnership with AMG way back in 2007, culminating in this monstrous reincarnation of its land-based little brother.

Powered by two V8 Mercury racing engines, the combined craziness is a whopping 2700 horsepower, which can be cranked up to 3100 BHP with the right racing fuel. Its top speed will be a dangerous 225 kph (121.5 knots) and its wide hull can accommodate up to six, death-wishing passengers.