Tom Brady’s $8.3 Million 77-Foot Yacht Is Seriously GOAT Worthy

Tom Brady Yacht Wajer 77

The dilemma on what to gift yourself after winning your seventh Super Bowl title must be a tricky one. After all, there is absolutely no precedent for it. Having officially won more rings than any single team in the NFL’s history after the win last year, Tom Brady eventually settled on this 77-foot (23.5-meter) yacht for US$6 million (AU$8.3 million) as a way to celebrate his efforts.

This is the latest and largest-ever model to come from Dutch builder Wajer. Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen are said to have grabbed the first Wajer 77 in existence, beating out 15 other wealthy individuals waiting in line for theirs. This new superyacht comes with deck cooling, a hybrid fender system, an automatic roof, and an electrically adjustable deck layout. Inside, it contains four cabins with ensuite bathrooms and a standing height of 2,15-2,35 meters. The 77 sleeps 9 people and the triple 900 hp Volvo Penta IPS engines boast an impressive 400 nautical mile range and top speed of 37 knots.

The Wajer 77 comes as a design collaboration between Van Oossanen Naval Architects and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design. Together, they have created a vessel with the onus on outdoor living: Brady and his family are sure to enjoy the inclusion of spacious circular seating, as well as sun pads to the front, with large sofas and a dining area at the back. The 77 also allows for all of the water sports you could ever want: kiteboarding gear, a jet ski, diving equipment, a Williams 325 Jet Tender, electical jet surfboards and seabobs. Pretty much exactly how you would expect an American sporting icon to spend the time with his three young children.

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This purchase is a 22-foot upgrade from TB12’s previous yacht, which was also manufactured by Wajer. You may recall Brady putting this small, exclusive company on the map last year’s post-Superbowl floating victory parade through downtown Tampa Bay; aboard his US$2 million (AU$2.7 million) Wajer 55S, Brady threw the Vince Lombardi trophy to another boat amidst the celebratory antics. His teammate Gronk, however, was not allowed to even hold said trophy.

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It did not take long for Tom Brady to outgrow the 55-foot yacht for 77-foot yacht . When Forbes estimates you made $76 million in the year, $8.3 million is petty change if there is a bigger and better one on the water. “The 55S is an amazing boat, and it’s been an amazing boat for our family,” Brady said.

“I think the 77 will be a little bit more suited for what we need it for down here, which is a few more day trips and weekend trips. We spend a lot of time in the Bahamas. So going from the East Coast of Florida across into the Bahamas and around the Bahamas would be really great trips for us as a family.”

Tom Brady 77-foot yacht
Tom Brady 77-foot yacht
Tom Brady 77-foot yacht
Tom Brady 77-foot yacht