Triton’s Newest Private Submarine Is An Underwater Cocktail Bar
— 8 December 2021

Triton’s Newest Private Submarine Is An Underwater Cocktail Bar

— 8 December 2021
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Once you’ve got a superyacht – complete with an accompanying helicopter and perhaps even a small fleet of jetskis – you might think that you already have all the toys you could ever want for the open seas. But you’d be wrong, because you’re still missing the final piece of the billionaire’s yachting experience: a private submarine. The latest submersible from the team at Triton is the 660 AVA, flaunting an entirely new design aimed at ensuring the best view possible.

The Florida-based submarine-maker has achieved the improbable by eliminating as much of the claustrophobia that comes with going on a submarine journey as possible, offering three times more space than a typical two-seater sub. This is largely thanks to the “free-form” acrylic hull, allowing Triton to abandon the classic twin-hulled submersible design, instead opting for a shape that gives everyone on board almost perfectly 360° wrap-around views.

This fresh layout can also accommodate more passengers on board, with seats for eight guests as well as the pilot, all of whom can enjoy better head and legroom than they’re ever likely to have experienced underwater before. The seating layout can’t help but remind you of an expansive home cinema, featuring swivelling chairs, cushions, and a panoramic view of the ocean life around you.

TritonAVA7 9 Side by Side 1 1

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This new submersible from Triton is available in two different sizes, which are the 660/9 AVA and the slightly smaller 660/7 AVA (capable of seating six passengers and the pilot). What is arguably most compelling about both versions of the Triton 660 AVA is the modular seating, providing you with the option to rearrange the interior to suit your needs, i.e. cocktail bar, cards table.

If the 200-metre depth rating and 12-hour go-time of the Triton 660 AVA wasn’t enough, the underwater craft also boasts integrated lighting, surround-sound audio, and air-conditioning, rounding out the package as the ultimate superyacht companion. So if you’ve just bought yourself a new boat and you’re thinking about any other additions, either version of the Triton 660 AVA would serve you and your guests very well indeed.

AVA Dining2 1
AVA Explainer 07 LED 2x
AVA Casino2 1
Triton 660 AVA Family 1
AVA Aft2 1

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