Bentley’s Mulliner Tricycle Is The Ultimate Playground Flex
— 22 September 2023

Bentley’s Mulliner Tricycle Is The Ultimate Playground Flex

— 22 September 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Bentley’s most affordable model yet also happens to be its most over-the-top offering to date — feast your eyes on the Bentley Mulliner Tricycle.

Coming to a private school gate near you, this 6-in-1 beast has (you guessed it) six different configurations — including a full-blown stroller and trike — to accommodate those aged between six months and five years old.

And at £595 (AU$1,120), just think of it as £99 (AU$190) per config. Is it actually worth five to eight times more than its competitors? Probably not. Will your kid destroy it at the same pace? Absolutely.

Bentley Mulliner Tricycle

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So what else does £595 (AU$1,120) buy you? Aside from a guarantee your offspring will be out of touch with the common man straight from the jump, topline features include the following:

  • Rotating + reclining seat w/ Mulliner-style diamond-in-diamond quilt patterning
  • Bentley badge stitched into the headrest
  • Bentley badge engraved on the front
  • Metal pedals w/ anti-slide design that mimics the Flying Spur’s
  • Air-pumped wheels that also match the Mulliner (even the floating centre caps so it remains upright at all times)
  • Retractable sun canopy (yes, it’s a convertible)
  • Push handle w/ diamond-in-diamond bag
  • Rear storage basket
  • White Sand paint job
Bentley Mulliner Tricycle

While most publications are framing this three-wheeler as the envy of every other kid on the playground, let’s be honest… you’re really just flexing on the other parents. Who are, in turn, entitled to laugh at you.

Find out more about the Bentley Mulliner Tricycle below.

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