Carcierge: A Tailor-Made Motoring Service For Time-Poor Ballers
— 5 September 2023

Carcierge: A Tailor-Made Motoring Service For Time-Poor Ballers

— 5 September 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

The Venn diagram of folks who are successful and folks who never have enough hours in the day can often resemble a circle, which is exactly why the service offered by Carcierge has skyrocketed in domestic popularity — a next-level motor concierge service that has distinguished itself from the competition thanks to the sheer breadth of the company’s offering and staff discretion.

If you’ve ever come across a typical car concierge service before, chances are, it probably included a few modest, time-saving options: car cleaning, mechanic appointments, and filling up the old petrol tank. The folks at Carcierge, however, deliver all of that and so much more.

Aside from maintaining its clients’ vehicles on a day to day basis, it also takes on all of the mundane tasks that come with car ownership such as paying your registration and toll accounts, dealing with parking tickets, as well as handling tasks related to insurance and claims.

“We’ve gotten to the point where not only do our clients trust us with the upkeep of their cars, but have Carcierge as the mailing address for all of those tedious jobs that can’t be avoided,” explains Michael Simon, who founded Carcierge in Melbourne roughly a decade ago.

“We don’t just want to save our clients time — we want to make their lives easier.”

Carcierge service

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In addition to the running of the cars and the associated administration, Carcierge also provides emergency assistance for when a breakdown or bog-standard flat tyre occurs; a car picks you up and takes you to your intended destination, while another member of the team collects your ride and arranges the necessary repairs.

Currently, the membership-based automotive business has over 500 vehicles under its care at any given week — and has now expanded to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Simon added: “Thanks to the size of the fleet we’re currently managing, we’re also able to secure our clients savings on any repairs or maintenance, as well as finding the best terms for the insurance they need.”

“We’re confident that if we’re looking after the cars of a family, say three or four vehicles, we’ll almost be saving our clients the cost of their membership.”

The expansion of the Carcierge service into Sydney is one that makes sense. Many of Australia’s busiest and highest earning individuals living in the Harbour City, making it a perfect fit for Carcierge to simplify their lives.

Membership starts from an annual cost of just $4,500 for between one and three cars, with additional packages to suit clients who own more cars or perhaps have specific needs (such as classic car management).

Nick Kenyon
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